Friday, April 13, 2018

Art Glass Paperweights

I have a shop that sells art glass.  My favorite art glass is paperweights.  I have a lot of fun attending art auctions and buying art glass.  I try to pay attention to what my friends and clients like and dislike.

I usually give people art glass paperweights that I find at art auctions for milestone birthdays and anniversaries.  My grandmother turned eighty last October and I found a wonderful art glass paperweight for her.

The art glass paperweight that I found for my grandmother was made by Baccarat.  I was extremely lucky that this was one of the last things auctioned.  A lot of people had already left the art auction when this item went on the block.  My grandmother appreciated the pansy design because the pansy is her favorite flower.

My cousin loves frogs.  She has managed to decorate her home tastefully with her favorite item.  I have been on the lookout for an art glass paperweight for her for years.  I finally found one at an art auction I was at last year.  The art glass paperweight featured a frog sitting on a lily pad and the frog was surrounded by blue water.  It was really pretty and my cousin started using it on her desk immediately.

My aunt collects art glass paperweights.  I have been asked by her on numerous occasions to find pretty art glass paperweights for her while I’m attending art auctions.  Of all of the pieces I’ve won for her over the years, one memory sticks out in my memory more than any other.

By far the prettiest art glass paperweight I’ve ever won at an art auction has to be one that features a blue and gold Macaw.  Rick Ayotte was the artist that created it and it was even featured in a book of his work.  He has created many lovely art glass paperweights.

I have an art glass paperweight in my shop that just won’t sell.  It has been in the store the longest and I think I may have it priced too high.  I won the paperweight at an art auction several years ago for one thousand dollars.  The paperweight was created by Paul Stankard and it should have easily sold for twice what I paid for it.

I have no trouble at all selling art glass paperweights that were made by Rick Ayotte.  His work seems to draw the most interest.  I try to win any auction I find for art glass paperweights he made.  I won one not long ago that was pink roses.  They looked so delicate and sweet.  I know that this art glass paperweight will sell quickly.

There have been some inquiries at my shop for art glass paperweights by Richard Marquis.  I haven’t found any in any of the art auctions I’ve attended recently.  I looked at some of the pieces he’s made and I’m not especially impressed.

I will keep looking for the art glass paperweights at the art auctions I attend, but I will not be going way out of my way to track them down.  I will just remember that Marquis is an artist that some of my clients are really interested in.  I’m sure that I will find an art auction with one of his pieces in it at some point.

There were some inquiries about nautical themed art glass paperweights a couple of years ago and I found a fantastic artist that made them.  I buy every art glass paperweight I can find that was made by Rick Satava.  My favorite has to be the coral orange jellyfish that I found at an art auction an hour from my home.  It was really pretty.

The coral orange jellyfish art glass paperweight was just the first Rick Satava piece that I’ve found at various art auctions.  I’ve also found jellyfish in ruby and blue.  They are beautiful by themselves or when they are put onto a black light stand that has been built especially for them.

The Different Prices of These Technologically Advanced Cars

Hybrid cars are one of the latest break-throughs in the auto industry. These cars are made to save a lot of fuel, and emit much lower levels of toxic fumes when compared to conventional cars. You have to consider the fact that hybrid cars are getting more and more popular because of these features.

A growing number of people are now considering getting a hybrid car because of the amount of money they will save on fuel and taxes. It is a fact that hybrid cars can be quite expensive in retail price when compared to conventional cars. However, you also have to think about the amount of money you will save from the rising cost of fuel in the long run. If you try computing and comparing the total expenses you will make on hybrid cars against conventional cars, you will see that hybrid cars is a much cheaper alternative. You will see that conventional cars will be much more expensive when it comes to total consumption of fuel.

Also, when you purchase a hybrid car, you will enjoy tax breaks. This will mean more money saved on taxes. Not only that, you will help contribute in creating a much cleaner environment because of the extremely low levels of toxic emissions of hybrid cars when compared to conventional cars.

Now that you know what benefits that a hybrid car can give, you now want to know how hybrid cars work and why it saves a lot of money on fuel.

First of all, the hybrid car technology has been around for quite sometime now. Only now that people have began to realize the benefits of a hybrid car can give them.

If you are a person who is trying to save money on fuel and is shocked by the rising price of gasoline the next time you pulled your car to a gas pump, the hybrid car is for you. The hybrid engine technology has been around for quite some time now. Most locomotives today are now using the hybrid engine technology. They have diesel electric engines that help in saving a lot of money on fuel. Some have nuclear-electric engines similar to what you'll see on a nuclear submarine.

The hybrid car is a cross between an electric-powered car and a gas-powered car. When the car is running, it will use the gasoline to power the car. When it stops or when the car is idle, it will automatically switch of the gasoline engine and will run on the electric engine. This means that when you are stuck in a heavy traffic using a hybrid car, you will not use the gasoline engine while you're waiting for the traffic to move. Once you stepped on the accelerator pedal, it will automatically switch on the gasoline engine. Therefore, it will allow you to save a lot of money on gasoline. It will also help lowering the amount of toxic emissions that the car releases in the atmosphere.

A typical hybrid car can cost as much as $30,000. It may seem a little too steep when you compare it to a conventional car. However, just think of the savings you can have from the rising prices of gasoline.

Hybrid car prices may be expensive but in the long run, you will save a lot more money than you can imagine. These are the benefits you can get with a hybrid car.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Books about Dale Chihuly

Books about art sell well in art auctions.  I have found many publications that feature my favorite artist, Dale Chihuly.  There are books, catalogs and even magazines routinely up for auction.

Chihuly Gardens and Glass is currently for sale in several art auctions.  This book is beautifully illustrated and shows installations at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago.  The book has an essay by Barbara Rose addressing Dale Chihuly's place in art history.  There is another essay by the Garfield Conservatory director that provides a history of garden conservatories

Chihuly at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew features more than one hundred photographs that captured this event.  An art auction for this book sold for fifty dollars.  The exhibit at the Royal Botanical Gardens was Dale Chihuly’s first botanical garden exhibition outside of the United States.

Chihuly Seaforms has an excellent value at an art auction.  It depicts forty four color photographs of his most ethereal series to date.  The pieces he created for this series have been called not only "reflections of skill, passion, teamwork and sheer genius" but also "tributes" to the sea.  He is truly a master.

Chihuly Form Fire was published in 1993 and it only occasionally shows up in art auctions.  The book is hardcover and 144 pages long with over 75 color reproductions of his splendid work.  There is a very informative commentary in the book about Chihuly’s career. 

Chihuly has been exhibited all over the world and the accompanying catalogs sell for a lot at an art auction.  The catalogs have a value to people that cannot possibly afford to ever own an actual piece of his art.  I bought a catalog at an art auction that depicted his installations from the years 1964-1992.  I have spent a lot of time looking at the photographs and have determined that Chihuly is pure genius.

I really want to find a copy of Chihuly Jerusalem 2000 at an art auction.  The book sells new for fifty dollars.  I think that the story of this journey and exhibit is extraordinary and I want to own a copy of this book.  This book contains 117 full-color reproductions and from what I’ve seen they are all extraordinary.

I was surprised that even the book of Chihuly’s drawings has tremendous resale value at an art auction.  He is able to convey such beauty and energy with his work and these drawings actually do the same thing.  These drawings are what his ideas start out as before they are fully realized in glass.

There is one inexpensive Chihuly book that I rarely seen in art auctions.  It only contains 17 color reproductions.  It does cover the installations that had 20,000 pounds of ice.  These were called the neon-and-ice installations and they had a powerful effect on the people that viewed them.  This book is soft cover and it is better to buy it new from a website than from a previous owner at an art auction.

I’ve lost countless art auctions for the book that contains photos of his exhibit at the Marlborough Gallery in New York City.  I just never bid enough.  At some point, I will probably just have to bid more to win it from an art auction.  I know that the 51 images are dramatic, but the book is a soft cover and I just don’t think I should pay $25 for it.

My mother won a Chihuly book for me at an art auction last year.  It chronicled the installation in Japan at the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art in 1990.  I loved each and every one of the 54 images contained in this book.  I have been asked several times to loan it to friends, but I have refused.  This is one book that I refuse to lose.

In 1986, Chihuly was only the fourth American to get a solo exhibition at the Louvre in Paris.  There was a soft cover book published with 33 photos in it that chronicles the exhibit.  Also in the book is an introduction written by the chief curator and director of the Centre du Verre.  This is the next book I hope to own and I’ve been watching art auctions hoping to see it pop up.

All About Hybrid Cars

It's probably not a news flash that gas doesn't seem to be getting any cheaper. People all over are asking what they can do about the rise in price, and often the answer is to choose a different vehicle. That's simple, right? But what kind of vehicle should you choose? Just maybe, you should try a hybrid car.

The hybrid cars are the talk of the town these days. They come in great colors, sleek styles, and they will make your commute less expensive. When you look at those characteristics of a hybrid car, how could you not choose to run to the car dealer right now and pick one up? Well, we all wish we could do just that, but before you run out, maybe you should learn a bit more about these cars.

A hybrid car is a vehicle that is run on electricity. A combination of a conventional propulsion system and a rechargeable energy storage system that is onboard the vehicle work together to give the vehicle better fuel economy than cars that run strictly on gasoline.

Hybrid cars are unlike battery electric vehicles because the batteries used in hybrid cars do not have to be charged by an external source. Instead, in order to get a charge, kinetic energy is generated by way of regenerative braking. Furthermore, some hybrid cars make use of their own combustion engine to create electricity. The combustion engine does this by spinning an electrical generator. The spinning does one of two things. It can either recharge the battery or in a more direct way, it can give power to an electric motor. This motor is what then drives the vehicle.

Therefore, because this fuel-economizing vehicle can generate its own electricity, it is very different from a vehicle that is run strictly on batteries. But, there is no waiting while your car charges up outside in the garage before you go to work. All you have to do is get into the car and ride.

It is true that some people have experimented with electrical vehicles in the past. However, the introduction of the hybrid car outdid these types of cars when it came on the scene.

Because the hybrid car is so innovative in the way it powers itself and the way it is able to save travelers money on fuel, it's called the car of the future. At least that's what some automakers believe, and many consumers agree with them. The next wave of the automotive market, Hybrid cars continue to be purchased by customers as the years go on.

So if you want a car that saves on gas and will make you the talk of town, perhaps you should invest in a hybrid car.

And you might find yourself tired of just pulling over at local gas stations to fuel up. If that's the case, you have another reason to think about purchasing a hybrid car. So get on over to the car dealer. It could be the best decision of your future.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Two Basic Parts of a Low Cost Web Site Promotion

Anybody could own a web site. Anybody could up sell their own products and services to their target audience. Anyone could try to promote their web site with a low cost. But there are not many web sites that have a truly successful web site with traffic all day through. What these individuals or companies lack is the most essential factor of success – a low cost web site promotion that really works.

If you have been trying to promote your own web site and you have received traffic every hour, my hands are down for you. But for those people who need assistance, who does not have the patience to promote their own product and services, and lacks knowledge to properly advertise themselves, here are some guidelines to help you achieve success with a low cost web site promotion.

Search Engine Submission and Ranking are the two basic parts to a low cost web site promotion. Both of the parts have the same effect on the market of the web site – for your products and services presented in your web site catches the people’s attention.

The first inexpensive method of web site promotion is the search engine submission. This first part is the act filing information and submitting your web site to search engines. There are two types of Search engine submission – manual and automatic. For a low cost and effective web site promotion, automatic submission is ideal because after filling up the information, a software program would forward this information to other search engines.

The second money-saving web site promotion is ranking.  This refers to the numerical position in which your web site appears on a search engine, based upon the web site’s criteria. Some search engines rank the order in which your search results appear primarily by how many other web sites link to each page. The leading web sites on this order would eventually fulfill a low cost web site promotion.

Other types of inexpensive web site promotion you could use to boost up traffic on your web site are banner advertising, classified ads, text links and section sponsorship. Banner advertisements pop up above and below web pages, and sometimes in another window. Text links and section sponsorship may cost more, but these methods helps in promoting to your specified target audience. It wouldn’t harm your web site to try these methods.

Always remember that the effects of your not so costly web site promotion hits are increasing significantly each day.  Don’t waste time; find an effective and affordable web site promotion of your choice today.

Leasing Glossary

In order to get a good leasing deal, you need to understand leasing jargon.
Read through this leasing glossary to get an overview of the basics:

Acquisition fee: A fee charged by a leasing company to begin a lease. Not
all leasing companies charge an acquisition fee but if charge it starts at
about $300 and is seldom negotiable.

Capitalised cost: The total selling price of the leased vehicle This also
accounts for taxes, title, license fees, acquisition fee and any optional
insurance and warranty items you elect to fold into the lease and pay
overtime rather  than upfront.

Depreciation fee:
Forms part of the monthly lease payment charge and accounts for the loss
in the value of the car at the end of the lease. The vehicle’s list price
minus the expected residual value at lease end is divided by the number of
months in the lease to give the depreciation fee. Suppose you decide to
lease a vehicle with a retail price of $23,500. The leasing company
estimates that after a three year lease, the vehicle will be worth 35% of
its original retail value, or $8,225. The difference, $15,275, divided by
the number of months in the lease, 36 months, gives us the depreciation fee

GAP insurance Pays off the lease balanced if the vehicle is wrecked, stolen
or totalled.

Inception fees any fees that are due at the beginning of a lease. These
typically include a security deposit, acquisition fee, first monthly
payment, taxes and title fees.

Mileage allowance The maximum number of miles a leased vehicle can be
driven a year without incurring an excess mileage penalty. A typical
mileage allowance is 12,000 to 15,000 miles a year, although this is
negotiable with your leasing company.

Mileage charges a penalty that you incur if you exceed your mileage
allowance on a leased vehicle. Typical mileage charges are 10 to 20 cents
per excess mile.

Money-factor A fractional number, such as 0.00043, used in calculating your
monthly lease payments. You can get a rough estimate of the annual
percentage rate on your lease by multiplying the money factor by 2,400. If
a dealer quotes a money factor such as 3.4 than you can get the equivalent
APR, 8.16, if you multiply by 2.4.

Residual value Residual value is the amount of money the leasing company
says your leased vehicle will be worth when your lease ends. Higher
residual values lead to lower monthly payments but higher lease-end
purchase cost if you decide to keep the vehicle.

Security deposits an up-front amount that your leasing company required at
the beginning of a lease to safeguard against non-payment. This is
generally refundable at the end of your lease.

Termination or Disposition fee The amount you have to pay the leasing
company at the end of your lease if you decide not to purchase the vehicle.

Wear-and-tear charges Extra charges you have to pay at the end of your
lease for any wear and use the leasing company considers above normal

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Used Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are fast gaining popularity nowadays. That would not be surprising considering the significant savings a car owner could generate through reduced and lesser oil and gasoline expenses.

For quite some time, car makers who develop and distribute hybrid cars in the market have been enjoying rapid growth in their already robust sales figures from hybrid cars.

That would not be surprising on the part of the industry observers who think the rising popularity of the hybrid cars are timely and long overdue.

Every week, there are almost always new rounds of oil or gasoline price hikes, making consumers and car end users want to save more and lessen their stress through investing or replacing their current cars with the new hybrid car models.

The environmental factor of the hybrid cars also make up for greater interest and eagerness on the part of the car buyers to acquire their own hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars

In the past decades, no one have imagined that the car industry segment would attain the status it is enjoying right now. Years ago, people were just dreaming of cars that would save them enough from oil and gasoline savings.

Now those fantasies are realities. Hybrid cars are starting to fold up the niche once dominated and solely dominated by the traditional and conventional cars.

Hybrid cars are easily accessible and available in the market today. It would just take a few time, probably a matter of minutes or hours to get or purchase one.

Hybrid cars are now sold in car dealers and show rooms all over the world, along with the traditional cars. Car manufacturing firms must have really been inspired to take the queue from great reviews and rising popularity of the hybrid cars among consumers and car aficionados.


Of course it follows that prices for hybrid cars are also higher and at premium compared to the prices of their traditional and conventional gas-powered counterparts.

That is because the technology used in the development and assembly of hybrid cars are still raw. Experts believe that it would still take some time before the prices for hybrids finally come down.

Hybrid car prices are really astronomical that not all consumers who plan to acquire one would be privileged enough to complete the purchase transaction.

But no worry. The hybrid cars are now also traded just like traditional or gasoline powered cars. Because there are used cars out in the market today.

Consumers who are very itching to own a hybrid vehicle can now seek the help of his or her broker or car dealer, to find a used hybrid car that is ready for purchasing.

Used car dealing

There are a number of ways how you can buy a used hybrid car in the market. As mentioned above, one way is to seek the help of a middleman, your broker/agent or a car dealer.

These people could greatly assist you in the purchase of used hybrid cars. Remember, buying one would never be that easy because hybrid cars are still unfamiliar for most of the people.

Another measure is to seek the help of an online car dealer. and are just among those Web sites that specialize in providing users and online consumers with the best deals and transaction proposals when buying a used hybrid car.

All one has to do, just like in shopping traditional cars online, is to get the quotes printed online, choose the car models available, agree to the terms and conditions of the transaction, and voila, the deal will be closed immediately.

Calling through telephone lines for verifications of online information would be crucial and should not be overlooked.

Used hybrid cars or new hybrid cars

In the end, there would not be much difference if you would be buying new or used hybrid cars. Remember, new hybrids are definitely costlier and more expensive compared to the used hybrid cars’ prices.

But still check on the details. The difference might not be that significant. For sure you value being the first user of things. Sometimes, that is the more practical thing to do.

Art Glass Paperweights

I have a shop that sells art glass.  My favorite art glass is paperweights.  I have a lot of fun attending art auctions and buying art glass...